Paradise Hot Springs is open every day of the year, including holidays, from 11am until 9pm. With our day-pass you can spend the whole day in Paradise if you wish.


To have the best experience in Paradise we recommend you to consider the following:

1) The travel season. Costa Rica has a high travel season from mid December to August and a low season that begins around September and ends in mid December. It is to expect that during high season you will find more people visiting the different areas of our country and, accordingly, less visitors during our low season. There are also specific dates that people like to visit the springs, such as Holy Week, and January 1st.

In Paradise, we respect a maximum capacity to ensure space and comfort for all our visitors, so you can always have a relaxing time; though we do recommend making reservations ahead if you would like to visit during high season or special national dates.

2) Weather season. Costa Rica has many microclimates. La Fortuna is particurarly very hot and humid; during the called dry season, normally from December to mid May, you will find high temperatures (28°C/82.4°F), and lots of sun; though you can still expect rain anytime.

On the other hand, the rainy season is generally from mid May to November. In this period the temperatures tend to be lower and rain is very frequent; it normally rains in one hour lapses.

3) The specific day in the week. In general, the most visited days are weekends.

4) The time during the day. You will normally find high temperatures near midday, when the sun is at its highest point, at this time you can go into the hot springs, though the best time to visit is after 4pm, when the air temperature is lower. For the same reason, you can anticipate more visitors around 4pm and less near midday.


To have a quicker attention, specially during daily peak hours (4:30pm-5:30pm), we recommend booking online in advance.

Going into the springs is a relaxing experience, and complements perfectly any other activity planned to do during the day.