Palma Real Pool

Its beach style entrance provides easy access. Palma Real is the biggest pool of the complex; it has an amazing view of the volcano and garden which allows you to get the maximum feeling of peace and relaxation. This pool is one of the favorites.

Let the thermal water shelter you while you rest on the submerged beds of this pool. You can also find lounge areas with shadow as well as areas exposed to the sun if you prefer spending some time outside the pool.

Temperature: 36°C-37.5°C (96.8 -99.5 °f)
Maximum Depth: 1,6m (5.24ft)

Contrast baths in La Fortuna

Papiros Pool

Surrounded by more than 45 different species of tropical plants, it is the highest temperature pool; in addition to the beautiful tropical garden, it has a small waterfall in the middle of the pool, creating the perfect spot of calmness.
Average Temperature: 38-40°C (100-104°F)
Maximum Depth: 0,9m (2.95ft)

Ginger Jacuzzi

Perfect for liberating stress and muscle pain. This beautiful and cozy Jacuzzi relaxes the mid-back muscles and calves. Immersed in a nature full environment, feel part of nature itself and admire the beautiful tropical Heliconia flowers and Red Gingers that surround this attraction.
Average Temperature: 38-40°C (100-104°F)
Maximum Depth: 0,9m (2.95ft)

Contrast baths in La Fortuna

Oasis Pool

Attraction designed to cool off the body, with mid-intensity hydro-massage for upper back, neck and shoulders (waterfall type hydromassage). This cool attraction serves as an important complement, providing a quick cool down for the body, thus helping the body to keep blood pressure and temperature on a healthy parameter.
Average Temperature: 27°C (81°F)
Maximum Depth: 0.9m (2.95ft)

Pangea Pools

This attraction is the first one in the pool sequence, it is ideal to start from here. Let the thermal water purify you and let its waterfalls help you get rid of that stress you carry on your shoulders. Also find a cool down “island” pool inside the thermal one, allowing you to get an efficient water temperature contrast without the need of getting out of the pool. Relax on its built-in underwater beds or at the terrace around the poolside, finishig touch of this pool.
Pangea Main pool:
Average Temperature: 35°C-36°C (95-97°F)
Maximum Depth: 1.3m (4.26ft)
Cocos Island (cool down pool):
Average Temperature: 27°C (81°F)
Maximum Depth: 0.9m (2.95ft)

Phoenix Jacuzzi

Attraction specialized in improving blood circulation in feet and muscles of the lower back (uses rotary hydromassage); its temperature is ideal to allow a good mineral absorption through the skin. This Jacuzzi is accompanied by stainless steel handrails, exotic granite edges and is located between the Pangea attraction and the Papiros pool.
Average temperature: 38° C – 39° C (100.4°F – 102.5 ° F)
Depth: 1m (3.2ft)

Guaria Pool

This is the newest thermal attraction. Guaria has two hydromassage waterfalls for back, neck and shoulders, and provides as well, hydromassage for feet, a great way to soothe and recover after hiking, a day of adventure or just to relax.

Average temperature: 36° C (96°F)

Max. Depth: 0.75 m (2.46 ft)